Ropes Courses

Balancing individual responsibility with team communication and support.

Have you felt like this at work – 30’ above the ground in a harness and helmet, strapped to a steel cable, with the weight of the world seeming to rest on your shoulders. In today’s business world we often feel alone in having to tackle huge challenges.  But never discount the importance of your team.  They’re there to keep you safe, provide perspective, and help you overcome the toughest of obstacles.

  • Challenge by choice definitely applies – this is not for everyone
  • Individuals set their own personal goals – for some it’s simply harnessing up
  • Pairs and small teams work together to ensure safety and accomplish their goals
  • Groups quickly discover the relevance and importance of even the smallest role
  • Emphasis is placed on separating support from peer pressure
  • A powerful tool to illustrate the balance between team and individual goals
  • Available sites throughout the US and abroad