Team Building

Corporate Meetings & Retreats

Adding fun and building engagement while reinforcing your agenda.

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New Team Jumpstart

Establishing a foundation that ensures immediate and long-term success.

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Vision to Values

Making your organizational culture real, personal, and actionable.

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One Team

Building alignment and communication to bridge internal barriers.

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Leadership Lab

Hands-on real-time exploration and practice of critical skills.

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Team Practicum

Hands-on application of concepts learned through your training programs.

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Outdoor Initiatives

Interactive exercises to drive content, practice skills, and open conversation.

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Ropes Courses

Balancing individual responsibility with team communication and support.

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An all-encompassing environment focused on strategy and skill development.

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Rock Climbing

Working as a team to support goal-setting and risk-taking.

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Driving your team to new heights through continuous improvement.

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Boat Building

Leveraging creativity and strategic planning to keep your team afloat.

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Habitat for Humanity

Reinforcing your corporate values while giving back to the community.

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Bike Building

Developing your coaching skills by influencing future leaders of tomorrow.

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Walk The Talk

Take charge of your day by proactively managing risk and rewards.

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Business Hunt

Leveraging the entire team to maximize your results.

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Team Building Should Be About Outcomes...Not Just Activity!
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Building Teams - 5 Key Outcomes

  • Alignment: Getting teams rowing in the same direction, toward common goals with clear expectations and a communication process that accommodates change.
  • Assimilation: Building common ground and helping everyone feel part of the team by discovering shared vision and values.
  • Experience: Helping increase awareness, challenge your perspective, and establish a common history that everyone can draw upon.
  • Development: Enabling people to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses while creating opportunities to test, practice, and refine new behaviors.
  • Collaboration: Creating an open and trusting environment where everyone is engaged, contributes, and feels valued by the team.

10 Reasons to choose team building for your next event

✔  The most interactive of all program options

✔  Gets people “out of the office”

✔  A neutral environment where everyone tends to be more open and engaged

✔  An inherent sense of adventure that encourages people to step out of their comfort zone

✔  Exceptional engagement

✔  Easily allows for the incorporation of topical material and/or assessments

✔  Able to address a broad spectrum of topics in a very limited amount of time

✔  A unique way to reinforce your message (We bring your messaging/topics to life!)

✔  A great addition to any meeting or conference

✔  Able to be conducted at a broad range of facilities including hotels, conference centers, resorts, parks, or your place of business

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