One Team

Building alignment and communication to bridge internal barriers.

“There’s no “I” in ‘”team!” This refreshing program helps develop cohesive unified teams with a deep appreciation for the diverse perspectives and capabilities of its members. We work to overcome barriers that often develop in the workplace, whether they be between teams, departments, or even different organizations who have merged or need to work together.  This is a program focused on common ground and personal commitment.

  • Challenging activities that provide a common reference point for all involved
  • Discussions focused on bridging gaps and identifying common ground
  • A focus on similarities while building an appreciation for differences
  • Emphasis on discovering the third solution (Not yours, not mine, ours!)
  • Group process tools such as a Team Charter to ensure accountability beyond the program
  • An illustration of how common goals can break down difference
  • Discussions focused on “What we can do differently” rather than “What’s not working”