An all-encompassing environment focused on strategy and skill development.

Just like in the business world, to be successful, we need to plot a clear course, work as a team to get underway, make corrections en route, and strike a balance between long-term goals and short-term tactics. Even though no sailing experience is needed, you and your team will be the ones sailing the boat. Just like at work, when you effectively tap the full potential of your team, you can always reach your destination.

  • An all-encompassing team-based environment
  • Balance long-range planning with the need to develop immediate skills
  • Work as a team to creatively solve unexpected challenges
  • For larger teams, we charter multiple boats, which represents a more complex organization
  • Learn the value of cross-training and clear communication
  • Explore the importance of both leading and following
  • Discuss how to respond to changing conditions, both at sea and at work
  • Actually learn how to sail as a team
  • Programs run at both offshore and inland locations