Rock Climbing

Working as a team to support goal-setting and risk-taking.

Have you ever been faced by what seems like an insurmountable task, only to find that by taking one small step at a time, it can be easily overcome? Rock climbing is a great metaphor for business, and illustrates that success does not always mean climbing the wall. Often, the planning and support roles are the true heroes who make concurring the greatest of obstacles even possible.  This program is all about team success.

  • Balancing corporate objectives with personal goals
  • Learning and respecting the need for all roles
  • Developing a safe, feedback-rich environment based on open communication
  • Recognizing that others often have a better perspective of what we’re doing
  • Understanding the difference between support and peer pressure
  • Experiencing the importance of cross-training and collaboration
  • The value of goal-setting and the benefits of asking for and accepting help
  • Suitable locations available throughout the US and abroad, both indoor and out