New Team Jumpstart

Establishing a foundation that ensures immediate and long-term success.

We’ve all been there, part of a new team, listening to the sponsor speak about common goals, discussing logistics and expectations, and leaving with no better idea of what you’ve gotten into than when you started. The LTI Team Jumpstart is all about having the right discussions at the right time with the right people. By working together to solve business-related challenges, the team quickly connects with and refines their common goals, expectations, and team process in ways that ensure both immediate and long-term success.

  • A focus on common goals, clear expectations, and an effective team process
  • Activities that reflect their expected work environment
  • Discussions focused on the “right” rather than the “easiest” topics
  • Tools such as a Team Charter to drive conversations and accountability beyond the program
  • One of the best ways to get-to-know your team mates… by working with them
  • Debriefs that focus on the most common challenges faced by teams
  • Expert facilitation that ensures safe and open discussions