Train the Trainer

Informed trainers are essential, and our dynamic Train The Trainer Sessions will provide the necessary tools to help your internal trainers with their own training, facilitation, and coaching skills. Ideally, participants will already be experienced trainers. Train The Trainer Programs are designed to assist trainers in working with internal company participants.

LTI’s Train The Trainer sessions consist of several key components:

Active Learning

To develop a better understanding of the program content, trainers will first go through the program they will be learning. This is a crucial step to their delivery of LTI programs.

Trainers will:

  • Experience the program from a participant’s perspective
  • Learn first by “doing”
  • Understand how participants might react during a program

Review Of The Training Program And Facilitation Skills

Our staff will review the material and instruction points, with ideas on  how to best deliver the program. Trainers will have an opportunity to discuss and share ideas regarding program design and flow with each other and LTI consultants.

We will cover:

  • Organization and flow of material
  • Main teaching points
  • Managing the interactive segments
  • Preparing for practice and presentations
  • Facilitation skills if needed

Facilitation Practice And Critique
Participants will practice delivering the program using instruction points for each section. We focus on content, delivery, engagement and managing specific activities. This segment includes:

  • Practice delivering actual program segments
  • Refinement of teaching points
  • Group feedback and critique
  • Preparing to “go it alone”

As a seasoned executive, I’ve been through countless team building events, and this is by far the best. You clearly understood our business and the exercises made challenging topics easy to discuss. Excellent job!


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