Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching sessions for managers are great tools either on their own or as a follow-up to training. Sessions may include specific topics, review of assessments, discussion of actual work related situations, exploration of alternatives, recommendations, specific assignments, and plans for future development.

Initially, we lay out a plan with the executive, which is reviewed and amended as we work through the sessions. When appropriate, we solicit input from their manager and direct reports during the process. Our goal is to focus on the needs of the individual, helping them develop in their career.

Executive coaching can dramatically improve one’s ability to work with a team, as well as with peers and superiors. We examine ways for the individual to improve their effectiveness in their specific environment. The exact design hinges on discussions with the individual.

The following areas represent possibilities of what could be covered during sessions:

  • Examining the characteristics of an effective manager and exploring ways of improving communication and management skills.
  • Gaining feedback on management style and exploring alternative approaches.
  • Identifying effective management processes that will help the executive to be even more effective with their group and others.
  • Exploring improved communication skills and techniques.
  • Developing different ways of giving feedback and addressing conflict.
  • Finding the difference between self-perception and the perceptions that others have of us.
  • Focusing on new ways of coping with stress, both personally and in interactions with others.
  • Increasing our awareness of how our personal style impacts our interactions with others and how we can manage the process.

These sessions can be held either in person or over the telephone, and will be for a minimum of one hour each. Sessions should be held at least every two weeks.

As a seasoned executive, I’ve been through countless team building events, and this is by far the best. You clearly understood our business and the exercises made challenging topics easy to discuss. Excellent job!


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