Strategic Planning

Strategic planning sessions are totally customized and facilitative in nature. They may cover a wide range of topics but are always tailored for your specific needs. We work closely with you and your management team to make sure that the outcomes are in line with your business needs.

Participants will explore:

  • Clarifying Overall Goals And Objectives: The group will discuss the need for a clear common purpose. They examine their vision and mission and set common objectives. This is ”The Big Picture.” They then work toward uncovering what is important versus what is urgent.
  • Identifying Individual Goals And Roles: After clarifying the objectives, the group examines how to work them into the big picture. This includes setting individual goals, examining of what’s working well, what needs improving, and what pieces are missing. They explore what systems are already in place to support the group’s efforts.
  • Reinforcing The Vision: Although the vision may have been in place for some time, it is critical that it’s up to date with actual plans and practices. Here we address the difference between a plan and reality, to reach consistency between the two.
  • Moving Forward / Action Planning: Here’s where we get down to specifics and establish accountability. With a clear understanding of the team’s goals, and a better appreciation for the players involved, each individual can begin making specific commitments to the team.

As a seasoned executive, I’ve been through countless team building events, and this is by far the best. You clearly understood our business and the exercises made challenging topics easy to discuss. Excellent job!


Every LTI Program Is Customized For Your Business!