Team Building by LTI: Proof in Results

Great team building isn’t just about morale: it builds foundations for critical skills and helps teams perform at a higher level. For your organization, it translates into better employee retention and better results.

But does team building really work?  We have proof: we delivered a custom-designed one-day outdoor team building program to 68 biotech professionals in Raleigh, North Carolina. Participants were surveyed four weeks later to see what impact the program had on their performance.


This program focused on five key skills:

  • Open communication
  • Time management
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Problem solving
  • Supporting one another

100% of participants agreed that these skills were important, very important, or critical to their jobs, with 83% reporting that they used these skills every day. Moreover, 90% felt that these topics were effectively addressed by the program.


Is team building worth it? 100% of participants in this program think so, reporting that it was a worthwhile investment. 62% of those same participants reported visible improvements in the workplace.


LTI received an A+ average rating for delivering this initiative. Participants said that we were well-organized, professional, that instructors were engaging, and that activities generated relevant discussion and key points.

Team building is a powerful tool for building teams and developing leaders. If you’d like LTI to help you deliver a great team building initiative, contact us today!