Diversity Training for Your Raleigh Business

Now having more than 1 million residents, Wake County has become even more diverse over the past decade. According to the U.S. Census Bureau estimates, Caucasians make up just 60 percent of the county’s population, with African-Americans at 20 percent, Hispanics 10 percent, and Asians 6 percent.

Is your company prepared to not just respect and accommodate a diverse workforce, but to leverage the advantages of diversity to create a more successful future? Diversity training can help fulfill this crucial skill and benefit you in the following ways:

  • Establishing Common Ground: Despite what people may initially feel, there is almost always more that unites than divides us as human beings. Developing common expectations that work for all team members helps build alignment regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, religion or other factors.
  • Leveraging Diverse Perspectives: Developing a mindset that values a variety of opinions by people of many different backgrounds is critical to business success in today’s global economy. Leveraging our organizational diversity helps create a competitive advantage.
  • Improving Business Relationships: In order to compete globally, we need to maintain strong relationships beyond our organization. Having the cultural awareness and internal resources to help make this happen is a valuable tool. A diversified workplace can help your team learn quickly adapt to a wide range of challenges.

Three Opportunities To Better Leverage Diversity

Diversity and Inclusion: Learn how to appreciate and build on the cultural differences among team members, removing barriers to effective communication. Team members can also get fresh perspectives from participants’ individual backgrounds and discover how their own biases can affect relationships with others.

Cross Gender Communication: End the communications gap that frustrates men and women when they conduct business. Participants learn how to express themselves more effectively to be understood easily by either gender, including through conflict management.

Cross Generational Communication: Break down generational barriers that can lead to misunderstanding and mistrust. By better understanding generational values and uncovering challenges that affect each age group, team members can overcome these obstacles and work more effectively together.


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