Real Results from Team Building

Are you looking for actual results from your next team building? LTI can take your team building to a whole new level!

When you start planning a team building activity, there are usually plenty of opinions as well as online resources.  So should you plan your event yourself, or reach out to professionals?  After all, no one knows your team better than you do.

But as you may quickly discover, planning a team building activity can quickly become a logistical headache! And it’s more than just the planning and logistics, it’s coming up with an activity that is both relevant and impactful in addition to being fun and engaging.

This is where Learning Technologies, Inc. can help you reach your goals.  With over 25 years of experience in the field, they can work with you to design and manage a team building event that is both relevant and engaging. Here are four reasons why you should put it in our hands.

Business Focused

A great team building activity is built around outcomes, not activity. Every LTI program begins with learning about you as a client; your needs, challenges, and business goals.  This enables us to focus on the outcomes of the program while designing activities that reflect your real world.  One of our clients recently reported that our design was 90% effective at addressing their most critical team skills.

Creative & Engaging Activities

Because no two clients are the same, we take a customized approach to all we do. Whether adapting an existing activity to fit your unique needs, or creating an entirely new challenge, the result are activities that are fun, engaging, and most importantly, relevant.  Off-the-shelf activities simply cannot achieve this level of connection.  Take for example our Rockets program which is like no other in the industry!

Logistical Expertise

LTI can recommend facilities, manage logistics, and provide the experienced staff needed to ensue a successful team building event. Our process also helps you focus on the long-term benefits rather than getting bogged down in the planning.  In other words, we help you focus on what you do best… your business… and we build on that by doing what we do best… delivering quality programming.

Actual Results

Any successful team building will last beyond the event itself, and this is our focus from the start.  By building on your existing initiatives, strategies, and even management style, we work to achieve outcomes that fit your culture, address your business needs, and are natural to reinforce going forward.  For example, 62% of participants from a recent LTI team building program reported visible results from our session 4-weeks after our session.

Is your Raleigh company looking to plan a great team building activity? Learning Technologies, Inc. can handle the details so that you can focus on what matters most. Contact us today, and let’s get started!