Making Meetings More Productive for Raleigh Businesses

Have you ever sat though a meeting that was a total waste of your time? For most of us, the answer is a resounding “YES!” And for many, these meetings make up the majority of our days.  Unfortunately, the problem isn’t having meetings, it’s having ineffective meetings.  One of the most important things any leader or organization can do is to get control of this potential waste of time.

With an innovative leadership development firm for guidance, you can transform the drudgery and aggravation often associated with team meetings into an effective use of everyone’s time. You will discover how to manage time, optimize your process, and produce positive results by:

  • Assigning Clear Roles And Responsibilities: Everyone in the meeting should have a reason for being there and a responsibility for carrying out at least one activity while in attendance. This improves participation and helps ensure the right people are in the right meetings.
  • Following An Agenda And Process: Developing an effective agenda is key to ensuring a meeting has purpose and results. But it’s equally as important to develop an effective process to keep things on track and to curtail problem behaviors that can quickly derail relevant conversations.
  • A Focus On Follow-up: Every meeting should end with a clear summary of progress made and specific next steps. If these next steps are not acted on, the progress made during the meeting is lost.  Effective follow-up should include who is responsible, a clear timeline, specific expectations, and a communication schedule.

Three Areas Where Leadership Can Improve Meetings

Delegation: determine what tasks needs to be addressed by which team members in advance of a meeting to improve its efficiency. This makes them more proactive and self-sufficient while recognizing their importance in being part of the discussion.

Inspiring Commitment: build internal trust by having meetings that generate measurable improvement after they occur. If everyone realizes they have a stake in the process, their confidence in what they are contributing to your business increases.

Managing Remotely: help team members who work outside the office see that their contributions are important.  Bring them into meetings by video chat or voice calls. Connecting effectively over distances makes your meetings even more productive and saves you crucial time and money.

Wonder how your Raleigh company can make meetings productive? Learning Technologies, Inc. brings content know-how and extensive experience for this. Contact us today, and let’s talk about how we can lead classes that enhance efficiency for you.