Assessing the Assessments: What’s Best for Your Business?

Deciding how to measure where you and your team members stand and what potential you have for future growth can be imposing. With so many assessments available, which ones are the best fit for your needs?

A responsible skills training firm draws from what is available and customizes them to address your company’s needs. In some cases, a totally new assessment could be the right answer for your circumstances. The final decision depends on how the following considerations will apply:

  • Knowing Your Employees: Understanding how personality and communication styles impact interactions and how you can improve communication, productivity, and overall effectiveness. Assessments such as Five Factor, Myers-Briggs (MBTI), and DiSC can be ideal for understanding differences and developing strong interpersonal skills, including conflict management, negotiations, and influencing skills.
  • Helping Your Leaders: Identifying what might be inhibiting your company’s progress is essential to developing a strong strategy. Are you missing or underutilizing key leadership traits needed to achieve optimal business success? Here, tools like the Insights 360 and Management Effectiveness Profile System can provide critical results that are relevant for making the needed changes to benefit your bottom line.
  • Putting Insights Into Action: The most important aspect of using any assessment is what you do with it. Without appropriate reflection, communication, and follow-up, your investment of time and money can quickly be lost.  Using professional facilitators and coaches to aid in this process is a very important consideration.

Three Great Examples of Assessments That May Benefit You

  • Five Factor Inventory (FFI): examine the five dimensions of personality—Negative Emotionality, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness—so you and your employees can better understand their individual styles and how they interact with others. Learn to leverage your unique traits individually, as a team, and within your organization.
  • Insights 360 Leadership Assessment: get an objective view of Self-Mastery, Team Orientation, Leadership, and Business Acumen from subordinates, superiors, peers, and yourself. By examining how these critical traits are viewed differently by different levels in the organization, leaders are able to target developmental areas that directly impact results.
  • Team Scorecard: measure your ongoing progress to hold individuals and the team accountable as well as ensure maximum return on your training investment. This also promotes continuous communication among participants and helps identify where progress has occurred and where more work is needed.

Wonder how your company can get assessments with the insights you want? Learning Technologies, Inc. brings content know-how and extensive experience to your team. Contact us today, and let’s talk about how we can develop assessments that measure up for you.