5 FAQs: What You Want to Know About Our Business Teambuilding Programs

Business owners and managers often call Learning Technologies Inc. to find out more about our teambuilding and training programs. We love to speak to people by phone, but we know you are busy, so here are some of the answers to the most asked questions.

What kind of programs do you do?
Business managers are often looking for a specific list e.g. ropes courses, rafting, and company retreats. But Learning Technologies is different because we focus on two things: building high-performance teams and developing strong leaders. Our goal is the end result. Many business teambuilding programs are fun, but at the end of the day, when you walk away from that event, what you had was an experience together. Each member of your team may walk away with a different insight. No matter what program we use, we take that experience and say, “So what?” Our LTI trainers use discussions and specific training methods during and after your teambuilding event so that your group leaves with collective insights about how to do things differently back at the office.

How do you customize programs?
All our programs are customized. We tailor everything we do based on the challenges your team faces. Many people think of teambuilding as a product: please organize this event for us. Instead, we provide a service: what is the solution to the challenges facing your team as they work together? You ask for a ropes course. We ask: what do you want to get out of it? By doing a lot of upfront work and research, we customize programs so they fit not just with your goals, but with your company culture, management style, and reinforce other development work you are doing. We fine-tune each program so it’s relevant to your team and the work you do in order not to waste time.

So what exactly do you do?
We offer both team building and training, which are two different tools to get to the same result: a stronger team. Training is an innovative, hands-on indoor classroom experience in order to learn new skills. Teambuilding focuses on application and practice. But in both cases, our goal remains: how do we take the great discussions and insights generated from those activities and actually put them into practice back in your office?

What are some of the topics requested?
The topics we cover range from communication to how to give better presentations. It’s far too long a list to write down. Some of the more common topics lately include managing multi-generational teams, managing virtual teams, strategic planning, and emotional intelligence.

How do you ensure that we maintain momentum?
Teambuilding and training are an investment. That’s why we aim to build on what your company already does. Each of our programs focuses on how to apply these techniques and insights at the office and every group leaves with an executive report that summarizes best practices and discussion points. When Monday arrives, your team will know how to apply the techniques and thoughts learned during your Learning Technologies program.