5 Exciting Team Building Activities for your Raleigh Business

When done correctly, team building can make a huge impact on how your team communicates and interacts for years.

So how do you choose the right exercise for your team? Focus first on outcomes – the balance between fun and work. Golf is fun, but rarely adds value to the team. A classroom training program is productive, but more often than not isn’t much fun. But if you’re looking for something that is both fun and beneficial for your team, here are five powerful team building options:

Boat building – Have you ever been part of a great team, but felt under-resourced and over-committed? The LTI Boat Building program helps you rise above these challenges by modeling this same situation. Imagine creating a boat with limited materials that will carry one or more of your team members successfully across a pool. What makes it work? The power, resourcefulness, and creativity of your team!

Walk The Talk – One of the most common challenges faced by today’s business teams is managing conflicting priorities. How do you manage to get anything done when everything is a priority? In the LTI Walk The Talk program, teams have to balance potential risks with rewards to determine how to be as productive as possible in the limited time they have. Unlike traditional team building programs, here each team is in charge of their own destiny!

Rockets – Are you ready to take your team to new heights? The LTI Rockets program creates an environment where teams discover how to design and build functional rockets through hands-on testing, much the same as you would learn a new business. As teams develop plans and collaborate, they quickly learn the importance of communication and continuous improvement. As the rockets grow in size and reach hundreds of feet in the air, the teams discover that the sky’s the limit!

Rock Climbing & Ropes Courses – Have you ever felt like you were completely on your own — forgetting that there are people behind you providing vital support and encouragement? Whether you’re in sales, management, or IT, we often fall into this trap. LTI Rock Climbing & Ropes Course Programs are the perfect metaphor for this challenge. It’s up to you how far you want to go and how to overcome obstacles, but your team is what enables you to succeed safely.

Sailing – Just like in business, you and your team are trying to navigate your course while learning to run the business efficiently. No sailing experience required — and yet you’re sailing the boat from the start. Discover the power of communication, cross-training, clear roles and responsibilities, and most of all teamwork! The wind is always unpredictable, but your ability to adjust your sails will enable you to reach your destination.

While these activities are all exciting, LTI has dozens more options to choose from. Begin a conversation with LTI today to help find the best team building solution for your team. Talk to us about your team’s struggles so we can find the best fit for your goals.