It’s a leader’s job to know and understand what motivates others. It’s a skill that’s essential at every level of an organization, for self, managers, colleagues and direct reports. Effectively motivating others means seeing your employees live up to their full potential. Motivated employees are more satisfied and engaged, turning out higher quality work for the company. Participants will learn techniques and models for keeping their team motivated, and can practice putting these ideas to work in their own specific work situations.

Participants can learn how to:

  • Know What Motivates Others: Know what motivates different people differently, and understand the difference between motivators and satisfiers.
  • Manage and Motivate Different People Effectively: Recognize how to give others what they need to stay motivated, how to manage conflicting work values, and how to keep everyone focused on a common goal.
  • Manage “Problem” People: Find out how to overcome overly sensitive, unhappy or negative people and how to help resolve personal problems.
  • Keep Top Performers Motivated: Don’t get tied down spending time on problem employees – find out how to keep the high performers going.
  • Work Together and Utilize Differences: Find out how to capitalize on strengths and overcome weaknesses, what to do when nothing else works, and generally pull it all together.
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