Meeting Facilitation Skills

There’s a lot more to making meetings happen than just picking a time and place and hoping for the best. Too often, meetings end up being a waste of everyone’s time and morale. This session is designed to find ways to get the most out of meetings by focusing on what needs to be done before, during and after to make them truly effective.

Participants will learn:

  • How To Plan For Meetings: Setting agendas, selecting attendees and figuring out what to do in advance of the meeting.
  • What Roles Need To Be Filled: Who can best contribute to the meeting and manage both content and process issues.
  • How To Manage a Meeting: Ways to keep a meeting on track, manage difficult situations and arrive at good decisions, through a proven problem-solving model.
  • How To Manage Problem Behaviors: Ways to not let a meeting get derailed by doubters, attackers, skeptics, know-it-alls and interrupters.
  • Managing the Decision Making Process: Practice defining problems, getting to root causes and using specific tools to resolve them. Explore when to open up discussions to new ideas, and when to conclude.
  • Ensuring Proper Followup: Was the meeting effective? What needs to be done? How can we improve future meetings?
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