Inspiring Commitment

Leadership plays a bigger role in business than ever before. To inspire real commitment from their people, leaders have to be able to guide people through change, keep everyone aligned with the company’s vision and goals and build trust and open channels of communication. Team members might be skeptical or stressed, but this is all still vital work to be done. This program gives managers the resources to start building on trust and commitment, actively inspiring and motivating their teams in a changing environment.

Participants will look at:

  • Creating a shared vision: It’s imperative that any group all be on the same page in terms of goals and vision, and it’s up to managers to ensure that. This is a great way to help team members understand their own roles in that vision and how they can each make a difference. Explore ways of getting people into the big picture, where they can take ownership of their roles.
  • Driving change with enthusiasm: Change is a fact of life…groups need to be resilient to change, and individuals need to be proactive agents of change within a group. Everyone handles change differently – figure out your own change style, then you can more easily help others adapt according to their own psyches and styles.
  • Encouraging and empowering others: Enthusiasm is contagious – you can inspire others and give them the empowerment and encouragement they need to be their best. Celebrating accomplishments and recognizing effort are critical to keeping a team motivated.
  • Building trust and commitment: Trust is the key to strong relationships. You can build stronger commitments through little victories and mutual support, building trust and morale one step at a time.
  • Modeling the way: The best leaders lead by examples, clearly acting on their values for all to see. Do your values match up to your actions? Learn how to put them to work on a daily basis, in everything you do.
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