Distance Coaching

Effective coaching skills are vital to the cohesiveness and motivation of a team, but it can be difficult to provide coaching when managing people out in the field. Participants will discover what makes the difference between a coach and a manager, and explore how to provide coaching consistently, even over distances. This program is designed to give managers the resources they need to effectively coach teams effectively over distance. We will look at ways of quickly grasping what an individual needs and how to address those needs for improved effectiveness. Participants are also encouraged to reflect on their own coaching style and how to best handle difficult coaching situations.

Participants will explore how to:

  • Coach Instead of Just Manage: You can find out the best ways to manage your people and adapt to changing needs. Explore what your particular coaching style is, and find areas where there is room for improvement.
  • Develop a Proactive Environment: Understanding when to focus on tasks rather than on the process can enable coaches to quickly see improvements in the performance of the team and individuals.
  • Use Effective Coaching Skills and Techniques Over Distances: You can find out about proven methods to help your people become more self-reliant while learning how to set goals, foster trust, learn from mistakes, motivate others and measure outcomes.
  • Delegate Effectively: Knowing how and when to delegate tasks can free you up for planning and other duties.
  • Reinforce Behavior: Praise and encouragement always work better than reprimands. Explore ways of reinforcing the behaviors and results you want, honestly, specifically and consistently.
  • Conduct a Coaching Session: Find out about the actual steps needed for a coaching session. This goes past performance reviews to develop coaching skills that help your people grow.
  • Deal with Distance Issues: Working with people across a great distance is one of the biggest challenges managers face, and we’ll discuss tips and techniques for overcoming these obstacles.
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