Effective coaching skills can make a huge difference in managing and motivating other members of a team. Participants will learn the difference between a manager and a coach, then learn what it takes to be an effective coach year-round, rather than just at yearly review time. Participants will also reflect on their own coaching style and discuss how to make the best of difficult coaching situations.

  • Be a Coach, Not Just a Manager: Learn what your particular coaching style is, and where there’s room for improvement. Learn how to empower your people and adapt to changing situations.
  • Develop a Proactive Environment: When you have a good understanding of when to focus on process and when to focus on the task, you’ll open up new ways to improve a team’s overall performance.
  • Develop Effective Coaching Skills: Proven methods are available to help your staff become more autonomous. You can learn how to build trust, set milestones, learn from failure, motivate others and measure success.
  • Let Go and Gain Power: Knowing how, when and what to delegate can give you more time for strategic planning.
  • Reinforce Behavior: Reinforcement works much, much better than reprimands for mistakes. Learn how to guide behavior in honest, consistent and specific ways.
  • Conduct a Coaching Session: Find out what’s involved in an effective coaching session that goes beyond a mere performance review to actually helping your people develop and grow.
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