What is Corporate Team Building?

Team Building – a tool for initiating and developing high performance teams!

At Learning Technologies (LTI) we use the term team building to refer to the process of developing and strengthening intact work groups charged with a common mission. This includes the selection, development and delivery of interactive programs that enable teams to improve their group process. At the core of this team building strategy is an experiential process commonly termed action learning, or learning by doing. The concept is that individuals and teams learn best by being activity involved in the learning process. This is a core team building concept for adult learners because most corporate professionals bring a wealth of experience to the table. This team building process taps this personal experience and also results in team building solutions that are developed by the team and fit the team better than any third party solution could ever.

Team Building is not an activity, it’s a process with very specific organizational goals and objectives!

Effective corporate team building extends far beyond the individual and team and has direct impact on organizational development. This is where Learning Technologies (LTI) excels. Our team building programs are designed to improve organizational effectiveness by developing high performance teams. This involves both individual and team development within the context of the organization (including both leadership and management). Remember this about team building:

Team Building, when used effectively, results in solutions that actually fit the team, the organization, and their leadership!

Every organization is different, and every Learning Technologies, Inc. (LTI) team building program is customized to match those unique needs. From understanding your strategic goals, industry and business challenges, to understanding your management style, leadership needs, and team structure, we do our homework. This is our greatest strength as an organization and your greatest asset as a partner.

We take the time to understand your team building needs!

Building Teams - 5 Key Outcomes

  • Alignment: Getting teams rowing in the same direction, toward common goals with clear expectations and a communication process that accommodates change.
  • Assimilation: Building common ground and helping everyone feel part of the team by discovering shared vision and values.
  • Experience: Helping increase awareness, challenge your perspective, and establish a common history that everyone can draw upon.
  • Development: Enabling people to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses while creating opportunities to test, practice, and refine new behaviors.
  • Collaboration: Creating an open and trusting environment where everyone is engaged, contributes, and feels valued by the team.