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Welcome to the Big Apple.  New York City is home to 8.4 million people distributed over 305 square miles.  This city has enough personality and variety to entertain even the most diverse teams.  But don’t stop at entertainment… use this opportunity to build your team through a targeted LTI team building session.  Depending on the time of year, we have an array of both indoor and outdoor team building options.  To take full advantage of your time in the city, consider using team building to get more out of your meeting or conference.

3 ways New York City Team Building Can Help Your Business

Leverage team diversity:

Where better to work on building an inclusive team that in a city that draws from every continent on the globe.  Team building cuts across the divides of culture, ethnicity, and gender, giving teams the opportunity to work as one.  Having worked with the Columbia University MBA program for over 10 years, introducing 750+ students to critical team concepts annually, we have demonstrated our keen ability to bring diverse populations together both quickly and effectively.  Whether you’re dealing with gender, racial, ethnic, or age differences, give your team the opportunity to think beyond their differences.  This is team building in action!

Build critical thinking skills:

Team building in New York City is not limited to the indoors or just Central Park, there are numerous other options that are often overlooked.  Imagine having your business meeting along the river at the Boat Basin and then immediately putting those corporate commitments to the test when faced with challenging team building exercises along the dock.  Or see how important strategic planning and collaboration really is, as the staff of the Columbia Teachers College discovered when overcoming team-building challenges in Morningside Park.  The real lessons come from the journey, not just the destination… but New York City is definitely an amazing destination!

Develop a stronger appreciation for diversity:

Music is a great illustration of the incredible power of creativity and diversity, and we have found the perfect way to tap this in our team building programs.  We have partnered with New Your Cities own Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) to deliver some of the most engaging and thought provoking team building sessions that you will find.  This classically trained composer, performer, violinist, and bandleader is world known for his blending of funk, rock, hip-hop and classical music into an energetic sonic experience.  But the music, as impressive as it is, is only a vehicle to engage and inspire the group.  The real team building comes from the conversation that we have along with the hands-on participation of the group.  This is by far one of the most memorable demonstrations of leadership, teamwork, collaboration, and diversity that you will find.

Team Building Should be about Outcomes

  • Alignment: Getting teams rowing in the same direction, toward common goals with clear expectations and a communication process that accommodates change.
  • Assimilation: Building common ground and helping everyone feel part of the team by discovering shared vision and values.
  • Experience: Helping increase awareness, challenge your perspective, and establish a common history that everyone can draw upon.
  • Development: Enabling people to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses while creating opportunities to test, practice, and refine new behaviors.
  • Collaboration: Creating an open and trusting environment where everyone is engaged, contributes, and feels valued by the team.

Popular New York City Team Building Programs

  • Indoor team building
  • Building and maintaining virtual teams
  • Managing across generations
  • Executive leadership development
  • Five Factor personality profiles
  • Strategic planning for non-profit boards
  • Improving faculty and staff interactions
  • Bridging gender gaps
  • Executive coaching for success
  • Managing millennials

Why Choose Learning Technologies?

We take the time to really understand your organizational culture, leadership style, and internal challenges.  We strive to build on best practices that you already have in place while addressing components that may be lacking or missing.  For training to be effective, it needs to address real and current needs, which encourages engagement and promotes direct application.  When evaluating any training, always ask, “Is this relevant to our work?”

We customize every program so you don’t waste valuable training time.  Especially in today’s world, there’s an almost endless amount of information regarding any topic.  Rather than bombarding your people an information overload, provide them with the specific tools they really need to do their jobs both effectively and efficiently.  We believe that it’s far better to leave a session with a few critical behaviors that will actually change rather than a huge manual full of theories that simply sits on a shelf.  

Our goal is to help you better succeed as a business by complimenting your management style and reinforcing your core messages.  We strive to design training programs that address your specific business drivers.  Training is not just about developing skills; it’s about impacting the bottom line of your business. 

We are seasoned business professionals who understand your challenges.  Our consultants have years of business experience and have worked first-hand at addressing many of the challenges you currently face.  For us, training is not an academic exercise, but rather a business proposition.  We understand your needs and challenges because we’ve been there.

We focus on helping you actually improve your business results, rather than just delivering training.  We challenge people and teams to not just do things differently, but to do what will help drive the business.  By developing your people, you are investing in one of the most valuable assets in your organization.  Remember, development is important, but results are absolutely essential!  

New York City Training Locations

  • Columbia University, Ney York City, NY – Outdoor team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • Columbia Teachers College, Ney York City, NY – Team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • Barnard College, Ney York City, NY – Team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • Morningside Park, Ney York City, NY – Outdoor team building, corporate retreats
  • Riverside Park, Ney York City, NY – Outdoor team building, corporate retreats
  • The Westin, Ney York City, NY – Team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • Sheraton Times Square, Ney York City, NY – Team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • The St. Regis, Ney York City, NY – Team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • Central Park, Ney York City, NY – Outdoor team building, corporate retreats

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