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As one of the key cities in North Carolina’s Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill), Durham is a creative and innovative community with rich history and rapid growth.  Home of the Durham Bulls, the city is known for sports, art, and university life (Duke University).  Team building and training are both at home here thanks to the many parks, conference facilities, and public spaces.  To take full advantage of these opportunities, consider using team building to get more out of your next meeting or conference.

3 ways Durham team building can help you…

Reinforce your core values and build a stronger community:

Strong teams are composed of people who care about what they are doing, are fully engaged, and are driven toward common goals.  But even the most productive teams need to ask the question, “Are we achieving our goals in the right way… a way that represents who we want to be as a team?”  This becomes a question of core values, and as our long-standing friends at Biogen know so well, strong core values have a direct impact on business outcomes.  Our annual team building work, with their entire Patient Services organization, focuses on bringing these values to life, reinvigorating their commitment, and ensuring that these concepts are reflected in daily activity.  This is another great example, of how powerful team building in Durham can be.

Help leaders maximize their effectiveness:

Just having the title of leader has little if any effect on your actual leadership skills.  But how do you help build leadership skills, when everyone has such different needs?  Our work with RailInc is a great example, of how important it is to help individual leaders better understand themselves, identify critical skills to develop, and then create action plans that actually enable them to reach those goals.  Team building becomes an import tool to help identify these gaps and to practice new skills.  And when team building is used in conjunction with powerful assessments, such as the Five Factor personality assessment, the results are even stronger.

Increase trust and communication within your team:

Trust and communication are fundamental to most any team, but can be very elusive to develop.  Building a training strategy that not only targets critical skills, but also is also engaging for the entire team can be challenging.  Our indoor rock climbing team-building work with Siemens is one example of how this can be done in an urban setting.  By using a carefully choreographed indoor rock-climbing program, the result is a team building experience that engages the entire team, even those who prefer not to climb.  Just as in business, the group recognizes that not everyone plays the same role, but that every role is critical if the team is to succeed.   This is team building that will take your team to new heights!

Team Building Should be about Outcomes

  • Alignment: Getting teams rowing in the same direction, toward common goals with clear expectations and a communication process that accommodates change.
  • Assimilation: Building common ground and helping everyone feel part of the team by discovering shared vision and values.
  • Experience: Helping increase awareness, challenge your perspective, and establish a common history that everyone can draw upon.
  • Development: Enabling people to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses while creating opportunities to test, practice, and refine new behaviors.
  • Collaboration: Creating an open and trusting environment where everyone is engaged, contributes, and feels valued by the team.

Other Popular Durham Team Building Programs

  • New employee orientation
  • Outdoor team building
  • Manager development
  • Coaching & mentoring skills
  • Strategic planning for new leaders
  • Breaking communication barriers
  • Five Factor personality profiles
  • Indoor rock climbing

Why Choose Learning Technologies?

We take the time to really understand your organizational culture, leadership style, and internal challenges.  We strive to build on best practices that you already have in place while addressing components that may be lacking or missing.  For training to be effective, it needs to address real and current needs, which encourages engagement and promotes direct application.  When evaluating any training, always ask, “Is this relevant to our work?”

We customize every program so you don’t waste valuable training time.  Especially in today’s world, there’s an almost endless amount of information regarding any topic.  Rather than bombarding your people an information overload, provide them with the specific tools they really need to do their jobs both effectively and efficiently.  We believe that it’s far better to leave a session with a few critical behaviors that will actually change rather than a huge manual full of theories that simply sits on a shelf.  

Our goal is to help you better succeed as a business by complimenting your management style and reinforcing your core messages.  We strive to design training programs that address your specific business drivers.  Training is not just about developing skills; it’s about impacting the bottom line of your business. 

We are seasoned business professionals who understand your challenges.  Our consultants have years of business experience and have worked first-hand at addressing many of the challenges you currently face.  For us, training is not an academic exercise, but rather a business proposition.  We understand your needs and challenges because we’ve been there.

We focus on helping you actually improve your business results, rather than just delivering training.  We challenge people and teams to not just do things differently, but to do what will help drive the business.  By developing your people, you are investing in one of the most valuable assets in your organization.  Remember, development is important, but results are absolutely essential!  

Durham Training Locations

  • Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club, Durham, NC – Outdoor team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • The Solution Center, Durham, NC – Team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • Chestnut Ridge Camp and Retreat Center, Durham, NC – Outdoor team building, corporate retreats
  • Sheraton, Durham, NC – Team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • Millennium Hotel, Durham, NC – Team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Raleigh-Durham Airport at Research Triangle Park, Durham, NC – Outdoor team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • Duke University-Conference & Event Services, Durham, NC – Team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • Avila Retreat Center, Durham, NC – Outdoor team building, corporate retreats
  • Eno River State Park, Durham, NC – Outdoor team building
  • RollingView Falls Lake State Park, Durham, NC – Outdoor team building

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