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Home of the University of North Carolina and UNC Hospital, Chapel Hill is a progressive and inviting location for your next team building experience.  With countless parks and meeting facilities, as well as opportunities to visit the UNC Chapel Hill campus, the team building opportunities are endless.  To take full advantage of this beautiful location, consider using team building with your next meeting or conference.

3 ways Chapel Hill Team Building Can Help Your Business

Break down barriers & develop more cross-functional teams:

All too often we find ourselves entrenched in our work with limited interactions with others in the organization.  Team building is a powerful tool; to cut across these barriers and help us better operate as one team.  Just as the plastic surgery unit from the UNC hospital discovered, working together toward common goals is one of the best ways to develop cross-team relationships.  LTI team building focuses on building connections and leveraging the collective strength of the team.  Our activities model the real world and are an excellent tool for developing transferrable skills.

Jump start new teams and set them up for long-term success:

There is no better way to kick off a new team than to give them an actual deliverable.  Team building provides a safe, yet demanding opportunity to actually work together to accomplish real goals.  One of those goals is to begin developing critical team norms to ensure both engagement and alignment.  Every year we work with hundreds of UNC Chapel Hill graduate students to jump-start their study groups in an effort to speed the teaming process and to minimize future conflicts.  Through a guided process, these teams quickly develop internal norms in the form of a team charter (basically a business plan for their team).  These concepts are then tested through intricate team building exercises.  As a result, these teams experience fewer conflicts, communicate more effectively, and develop a better appreciation for the cultural norms of the university.  This is team building in action!

Challenge your creativity and ability to innovate:

Innovation and change are absolutely critical to surviving in today’s competitive market.  Team building provides the perfect opportunity to flex your creative juices.  Teams are presented with challenges that require collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking.  Just like each class of 300 UNC Chapel Hill MBA students quickly discover while engaging in team building exercises at the North Carolina Botanical Gardens (a UNC Chapel Hill operated facility), you need to quickly assess the situation, analyze your resources, clarify your goal, brainstorm and decide on a single course of action, and implement that solution flawlessly as a team.  As a result, these teams improve their performance both in the classroom and on remote projects.

Team Building Should be about Outcomes

  • Alignment: Getting teams rowing in the same direction, toward common goals with clear expectations and a communication process that accommodates change.
  • Assimilation: Building common ground and helping everyone feel part of the team by discovering shared vision and values.
  • Experience: Helping increase awareness, challenge your perspective, and establish a common history that everyone can draw upon.
  • Development: Enabling people to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses while creating opportunities to test, practice, and refine new behaviors.
  • Collaboration: Creating an open and trusting environment where everyone is engaged, contributes, and feels valued by the team.

Popular Chapel Hill Team Building Programs

  • Outdoor team building
  • Five Factor personality profiles
  • Building medical team cohesion
  • Leadership development
  • Financial skills for non-financial mangers
  • Project planning
  • Study group jumpstart
  • Executive presentation skills
  • Reinforcing organizational values

Why Choose Learning Technologies?

We take the time to really understand your organizational culture, leadership style, and internal challenges.  We strive to build on best practices that you already have in place while addressing components that may be lacking or missing.  For training to be effective, it needs to address real and current needs, which encourages engagement and promotes direct application.  When evaluating any training, always ask, “Is this relevant to our work?”

We customize every program so you don’t waste valuable training time.  Especially in today’s world, there’s an almost endless amount of information regarding any topic.  Rather than bombarding your people an information overload, provide them with the specific tools they really need to do their jobs both effectively and efficiently.  We believe that it’s far better to leave a session with a few critical behaviors that will actually change rather than a huge manual full of theories that simply sits on a shelf.  

Our goal is to help you better succeed as a business by complimenting your management style and reinforcing your core messages.  We strive to design training programs that address your specific business drivers.  Training is not just about developing skills; it’s about impacting the bottom line of your business. 

We are seasoned business professionals who understand your challenges.  Our consultants have years of business experience and have worked first-hand at addressing many of the challenges you currently face.  For us, training is not an academic exercise, but rather a business proposition.  We understand your needs and challenges because we’ve been there.

We focus on helping you actually improve your business results, rather than just delivering training.  We challenge people and teams to not just do things differently, but to do what will help drive the business.  By developing your people, you are investing in one of the most valuable assets in your organization.  Remember, development is important, but results are absolutely essential!  

Chapel Hill Training Locations

  • Rizzo Conference Center, Chapel Hill, NC
    • Outdoor team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • Camp Royall, NC
    • Outdoor team building, corporate retreats
  • University of North Carolina, Kenan-Flagler Business School, Chapel Hill, NC
    • Outdoor team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • Govenors Club, Chapel Hill, NC
    • Outdoor team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • DoubleTree, NC
    • Outdoor team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • Friday Center, Chapel Hill, NC
    • Team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • Ferrington House, NC
    • Outdoor team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • New Hope Camp & Conference Center, Chapel Hill, NC
    • Outdoor team building, corporate retreats
  • Courtyard by Marriott, Chapel Hill, NC
    • Team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • Hampton Inn & Suites, Chapel Hill, NC
    • Team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • The Carolina Inn, Chapel Hill, NC
    • Team building, corporate retreats, leadership training
  • Southern Community Park, Chapel Hill, NC
    • Outdoor team building, corporate retreats
  • NC Botanical Gardens, Chapel Hill, NC
    • Outdoor team building, corporate retreats
  • Umstead Park, NC
    • Outdoor team building, corporate retreats

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