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LTI Consulting Services

Reinforcement, cultural fit, and consistency are the keys to effective organizational change. LTI offers a wide range of consulting services to help you reach your business objectives. Our aim is to complement and support your efforts to give you a greater return on your investment.

These services include:

• Needs Assessments
One of the primary roles of any needs assessment is to identify the root causes of a particular business issue. LTI assessment methods ensure that you address actual problems instead of just symptoms. We design and implement assessments on a variety of levels from focus groups, to confidential surveys, to one-on-one interviews. We then condense this information and provide guidelines for next steps.

• Employee Surveys
LTI provides confidential employee surveys to address your people’s issues, concerns, expectations, and overall satisfaction. By using an outside, objective party, everyone is assured of confidentiality and non-biased information.

• Curriculum Design
We believe that training should build on itself and not feel like a “flavor of the month” schedule. To that end, we can help you design a curriculum that combines internal and external training efforts, looks at what managers can do before, during, and after training sessions to reinforce learning, and address root causes rather than just symptoms.

• Executive Coaching
Our consultants work with your executives on a one-on-one basis. We design a specific development plan and then work with an individual on an ongoing basis to develop and practice needed leadership skills and behaviors.

• Program Evaluation
We can help you evaluate your current training at any of the four evaluation levels. This includes efforts to explore the actual ROI on your training investment. We work to go beyond simple “smile sheet” type responses to see if participants actually use information learned and if the company gains any real business benefit.